Prayer for a Troubled Marriage After the Loss of an Infant

by Angelina (Texas)

Heavenly Father. I come to you in desperate need. My marriage is falling apart. Both my husband and I are trying to cope with the loss of our infant. We are coping in very different ways and in the process pushing each other apart. He indulges in work and leaves me alone to care for all duties. I cope by being angry at the world. We both know your love for us is never ending and that you will never forsake us.

At times, our faith runs low, but we need you in our hearts, in our marriage. We need you Lord. Help me control the anger and frustration that takes over me and help my husband be more loving and nurturing to me. The pain that comes with the loss of a child is far too deep. I don’t want my marriage to end because we didn’t understand each other.

I love my husband very much and pray that you help us through this difficult and continuous storm. In your name I pray. AMEN

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