Prayer for a the teacher in charge

Dear Lord

Almighty God. protector. Guide. You are the ultimate organizer and guide. I pray that you will insure this trip to NYC goes without a single problem. Please use your blessings to insure the bus drivers are well rested and certain of their directions so that the trip there within the city and back home is safe and without delay or problems.

lord you are the ultimate organizer so please help make sure that every part of this trip goes like clockwork. Without issue without even so much as a hic cup. Please Lord give Meghan peace and comfort knowing all her hard work will reveal itself through a wonderful experience for her and all staff. Make it possible for the teachers and principal with her to recognize her great work in organizing this trip.

Lord, you are the ultimate father. God you know better than we parents how our teens can turn a fun moment into something we would rather avoid and forget. Please Lord give these children the wisdom to understand how important it is to be respectful, wise and behave in a way that leaves such a positive impression on everyone with whom they come into contact.

Dear Father, watch over every child on this trip. Keep each child safe and happy. Give each adult the wisdom to carry their responsibilities well and without grave judgement of each child. Afford them the peace to enjoy the trip so much so, that they can help Meghan be calm and without stress today, Thursday and Friday.

Dear Lord, , keep my baby safe and bring her back in good spirits.

Bless this trip and make it successful.
Thank you Lord!

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