Prayer for a successful life

by Valerie ()

Don’t much like the post category, however you all must have your reasons. I need a spiritual crutch to lean on right now please. I’m like a combat warrior out in the battlefield having his leg or worse shot off & I need ‘a buddy’ to lean on to get me on that medi vac helicopter to get me to the hospital ( was in military). I have mental illness diagnosed since childhood by a Doctor I don’t know how to do adulthood. Severe childhood trauma, Not on good terms with only living parent she is emotionally distant cold. I’m 58 all alone, no friends, no relationship, I am poor no furniture, no nothing, but I do have a roof over my head.
But its tremendously hard I am a Black woman so I am under fire in all directions. Reason? Why hate, racism of course can’t escape it. I’ve feeling the hate for the last 10 years ( its horrible)
Want prayers with a financial break through pleases = money to obtain the education, get me back on my feet to move away ( live in Pacific Northwest ). Life for me is pretty meaningless. Had a difficult childhood ( those are hard to shake off I don’t care who says otherwise)
Help me to get my life on track.. I am marginalized. I feel your site is the most intelligent. posted on other prayer sites and the reply I would receive would leave me scratching my head.
Thank you and pray for me I need your assistance!

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