Prayer for a stronger relationship

by Lindsey (Indiana)

Lord, please hear my prayer. I am no longer able to understand what is happening with my partner. He seems so distant. Lord, you brought him back to me after he just up and left. I prayed to you every night. When he came back, I knew you heard me and caught my every tear. Lord, I am so thankful. But, Lord, why is he so distant? What should I do? My heart is filled with worry, anxiety and fear.

I am afraid and lost. Please shine your mercy on me, and shine grace on him to allow him to communicate with me. Lord, I pray not to lose him a second time. I give you my fears and place it in your hands. You are almighty, and you have made a predestined path for me. Lord, please heal our relationship and bring our love back together. I love you, Amen.

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  1. Lord have mercy on us

    Im also going through terrible pain and tears about my boyfriend. We have been through so much to this stage, so close to be married. Suddenly he distances from me. Lets pray hard to god. Lets follow his guidence and he will shine through. Amen

  2. Prayed for you

    Hi sister,

    I just prayed for you. I understand what you are going through. Continue to have faith in our Heavenly Father for only He knows what is best for you. I believe God will answer your prayer. May God bless and bring you and your partner closer than before 🙂 cheer up and trust in Him. 🙂

  3. Have Faith

    We have almost the same situation. He left me before then now he’s back in my life. But im still praying for our relationship to last forever. For His appreciation to me, for His true love. May our prayers be heard and answered by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  4. prayer for you..going thru almost the exact thing

    I pray ur prayers are answered quickly..I’m going thru almost exactly the same thing with my significant other of 16 years…I pray GOD answers our prayers to open their eyes and restore our relationships! He is HEALER of all and thru HIM all things are possible..

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