Prayer For a stronger Relationship

by Gernide (Florida)

Dear Lord,

I konw i did wrong in my Relationship and so has my partner, but now that we been together for about 4 in half yr we would like to take it future and make our Relationship strong.. Being that I done things in the past out of anger and jelousy my partner felt by going out and doing the same thing out of hurt, pain, no trust and slept with another person because I have.

I know TWO wrong don’t it right, but the girl won’t leave us alone and want to reuine our love for each other being that he is hurtING, and he starting to like her so now he confuse of what he wants, we talk about It and he wants to work It out wants me to be with him and that he not going anyway and that he love me with all his heart but can’t let go the orther person. Now his confuse…

Lord I know I hurted people in the past please forgive me, Lord I know I cheated on my mate out of hate, anger,and jelousy please for give me, I need for my Relationship to be srong again I need it to be happy with joy and no hate for each other,I’m asking for is forgivness and need me and my partner to start over and make thing right. No more lies, DRAMA,no more flirting, chatting with other people having trust iusses for each other, have our house hold in peace for our kids sake and to teach them whatthe meaningof being in love mean and Relationship.

All I’m asking is for a second chance to make this right, but Lord if u think it better off this way us being appart,that we need to forgive and forget please tell me give me give me a sign thank you.