Prayer for a specific job

by Anita (Spring Hill, TN)

Dear Lord, please guide me to the job opportunity that will make the best use of the talents and assets You’ve given me. Help me to continue building upon these gifts in order to support my family and fulfill my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and adult. Show me what I need to do to highlight my abilities and diminish my weaknesses, Lord.

Help me to be the strong woman my daughter can depend on the way I depend on You and my own parents. The opportunity in Chicago seems to be the ideal fit for me and my family, Heavenly Father. If it is Your will, Lord, please let this be the opportunity of a lifetime, where I can flourish as an employee, where my daughter can blossom into a productive young woman, and where my marriage will continue to reflect Your wishes.

Let THIS job be the next step in freeing us from our debt and allowing us to prosper despite any obstacles we face. It is in Your name I pray each and every day. Amen.

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