Prayer for a Special Person to Reconcile with Me and Mend Our Relationship

by Roxanne (San Antonio, TX, USA)

I want to have my boyfriend to come back into my life. I had an argument with him and I feel terrible for saying some harsh things to him because I was upset. I might of hurt his feelings. I want to ask him for his forgiveness, and I’ve asked God to forgive me. I haven’t heard from him for 2 weeks and he hasn’t answered my calls.

I just want to mend our relationship or friendship because it was really special and I do really love him. Also, I don’t like the way he left all mad. I really want him to see me, call me, text me, whichever it be. I really miss him and want to see him badly. He means a lot to me and brought a lot of love and joy in my life.

I ask for this petition. Thank you God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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