Prayer for a Special Friend

by Tommy Koo (Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.)

Dear Father, I come before you to thank you for blessing me with such a special friend. Thank you for making us met so that we can become friends. Pei Wen is such a blessing from You, my Lord. We were so good and passionate with each other. In fact, I know that God, you hugged me through her on my birthday because you heard my prayer.

Just two months after that, I felt strange because she suddenly stopped communication with me. That was dark moment in my life. I prayed harder and harder. Finally, she responded me 3 weeks later. Today, I heard from people knowing her that she has got married.

Father, I come to you to tell you that I miss the moment I and her together. I still remember those moments we laughed, we played, we walked in the park, and even together praying to you my Lord.

I know those moments can become sweet memories I have with her

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