Prayer for a son who is questioning

by Jill (Tennessee)

My son is a college student who has decided that he can take care of himself and doesn’t really need to spend time with God at church or even in prayer. He says he believes in God, but really won’t say much else about faith. He refuses to go to church with me, and seems to have an especially hard time with the Catholic church. He has been to a large Presbyterian church where he liked the music and service better, however, now has even stopped doing that. When the changes to the Mass came around, he pretty much threw his hands up in frustration and has only been to Mass a couple of times since. He holds down a job and attends college, but stays out all hours at night and sometimes all night. I know in my heart that he and his friends are drinking and may be using drugs like smoking marijuana. My son has a great love of music and a gift for it that I know comes from God! He plays the guitar and loves Jazz. He has become pretty difficult to get along with at home and seems to think he should just be allowed to do as he pleases.

Please pray that my sweet son, who has so much compassion in his heart and true ability to help others in this life, will recognize his gifts from our Heavenly Father and respect those gifts. Pray that he will turn from the wrong choices of quick gratification in this world and want to preserve his eternal life with God. And most of all, pray that he would return to a personal relationship with Christ that comes from knowing how very much he is loved by the Lord!!

Thank you!