Prayer for a set of twins ( 2 Boys)

Lord i want to say thank you for i know your word never returns to you void. You said in your word that we should be fruitful and multiply in your word.

I and my husband named Mr and Mrs Emeka Okezie we have been trying to conceive since 2014 my husband has gone for series of test he has taken some medications but the result is not encouraging. The last semen analysis he did the result came out which stated Sperm count: 4 mill
Active motility 10%, 70% dead, 20% sluggish.

I have been in tears and this is weighing me down emotionally but i am still holding onto God’s word. I want you all to intercede for us, we pray that the word of God will be fulfilled in our lives. We have asked God for a set of twins (2 Boys) i pray to conceive before the end of 2016.
I know that nothing is too hard for God to do for HE is the God of all flesh.

Thank you so much for your efforts, care and concern.

God bless you all.

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