Prayer for a sense of normal

St. Joseph, I want to thank you for the many blessings you and The Lord Jesus Christ have bestowed on me throughout my life. I’ve been blessed with great health and many opportunities of success.

I made the decision 30 years ago to put career over family and made the choice to not have children until I knew it was the right time (could afford) with the right person. Essentially I chose career over family and God has blessed me. When I took my last job and moved 4 states away again my prayers were answered with a promising career, a beautiful house and and income to support it all. However, I found myself working 85 hours a week and unable to come home often without stress related work bogging down my family. I made what I felt was a rational decision and to walk away from the stress and anxiety of working 4 states away from family and friends and 90 hours a week.

I came home. However this month home has not been easy for me. I’m struggling with finding that perfect job for me and allow me to spend more time with the things I enjoy most in life. The job I took isn’t perfect. It has some really crappy hours and the pay isn’t enough to support me living on my own and paying for the house 4 states away until it sells. I’ve been fortunate to lie given a room in my sisters house but it doesn’t make me happy knowing everything I left behind.

I’m asking you today for forgiveness in the mistake I made 30 years ago. I want both. I want family and a good career. Can you please find it in your heart to bless me with a great job that I can enjoy along with the ability to come home and spend more time with my parents, my brothers and sisters, and my animal. I also pray that I can sell that house in Alabama. Most of all, I pray for patience for the miracles of your intercession and Jesus Christ. I need my life again. Right now I feel as if I’m just existing and not living. know I can’t do this without God and I pray in the name of Jesus that he hears and answers my prayers.

Thank you for listening and thank you for all you do for me.

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