Prayer for a Second Chance

by G (Big Island Hawaii United States)

Recently, I got in to some serious trouble with the law. I admit it was my own fault and take full responsibility and cooperated with law enforcement.

I just want a second chance to have hope and a future.

This is the first time I have been in this type of trouble this serious and am hoping for a miracle from the Lord to put this nightmare behind me and get my life together.

It is so serious I may go to prison for a long time and come out a convicted felon.

I pray the all-powerful and merciful Lord with Jesus Christ will recognize my strengths and weaknesses, I admitted the mistakes I have made in my life while asking for forgiveness and I promise him that my life will change if I am allowed to go back to the life I had before this all came down on me.

I will be even a better community contributor than I was before. With what is hanging over my head legally at the moment, that will all change.

I had respect among my friends and family, in the community, and from colleagues in my workplace and profession.

I would not like to lose that credibility and trust along with the public shame this will entail.

Please pray for me and I will pray for everyone else.

I do admit that I brought this all upon myself while most posting’s here are those that caught by circumstances out of their control.


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