Prayer for a Second Chance

I come before to give You thanks for everything that You have done, everything that You are doing and everything that You will do in my life. Mighty God I ask you to restore my friendship with my unrequited love. Please open his heart and allow him to remember I tried to be a good friend to him always, and my care and concern for him were always genuine. Please allow him to truly forgive me for needing him too much and perhaps allowing my feelings for him to become too apparently clear. My Lord I know I have caused this situation, but I also know that You paid for our mistakes and sins on the cross. I know You have mercy and I know You always take care of me. I miss my friend so much. At one point we were truly close, and were honestly there for each other. I know my feelings weren’t returned, but I love him with my whole heart. I know his actions now bespeak not wanting me in his life, and I know I angered, overwhelmed and frustrated him. But I can’t bring myself to believe in my heart of hearts that in his heart of hearts he doesn’t remember caring for me, or my attempts at friendship. I know I’ve been met with silence for months, but I have faith that the person I believe he is – the person who completely captured my heart – is a person who won’t turn his back and harden his heart forever. I can’t believe he’s selfish, or a narcissist. I’m begging for your help Lord to help him remember I do care for him, and one more person who cares for him truly, despite my mistakes, is worthy of forgiveness. Dear Lord I am asking for a reconciliation in my friendship. At the moment the situation DOES seen impossible, but I know You have plans for me, and I’m holding faith that those plans don’t include the recriminations, self-doubt, loneliness and grief his loss has resulted in and its negative impact on my daily life. I do not know right now how the situation will resolve, but the continued pain of this stonewalling is crushing me. I’m praying for forgiveness, a chance to regain some of our friendship, and that his heart will thaw and he’ll remember that while he’s surrounded by people who will help him in his new professional life, when he was at his most vulnerable he trusted me. I believe You can and will bestow your grace, love and light on this situation. I’m asking with my whole heart for a chance to communicate again. I love him, Lord. I believe in him. I believe in You as well, and turn my damaged heart to you in faith. Also Lord help every single person in a same situation, have mercy upon them. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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