Prayer For a second chance and for my husband to open his eyes

My husband left me just a couple of days ago with no real explanation. We weren’t in our right state of mind and things started getting out of control. He is ignoring my calls and is being told what to do by his mother.

Our relationship was breaking apart because he always did what she wanted for him to do even if it was not being consulted to me or if it would hurt our relationship. I want him to understand that I love him and will do anything to win his love back but do not want him to feel I am making him choose between his mother and I.

I want our marriage to work and for him to listen to what I have to say without anyone else trying to interfere. Lord, I can’t live one more day without him. I feel lost and alone. My world is him. Everything I would do was for him, but I too understand I was giving him the love he deserved and how I failed him.

I’m so sorry for all that I have ever done to hurt him, but I promise to change. I love him too much to watch him slip away. Help me Lord. Give him the serenity to listen to what I have to say and give me the courage to talk to him with honesty.