Prayer for a safe home for my family

by Michelle (Roswell, Geaorgia)

St. Joseph I relocated from my home state to another state to offer my daughter a better opportunity at life. we have been staying in someone else’s apartment.

I was paying something on rent until my unemployment ran out they allowed us to continue to stay and then demanded that we leave so someone else could have the apartment. we are not finically stable to just move and we have no one to go to in the new area we are in. we also have 4 small dogs who are a part of our family.

We just want a home that we can be safe in with a reasonable payment monthly. I am still looking for a job that I can maintain our bills with. Please know all we want is to be able to do for each other and take care of our extended family. we do not want to go back where we came from because there is nothing there.

My daughter is in school and I need to find a good paying job in my profession. Please Pray for me and my daughter.

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  1. prays for you

    I know how you feel all to well. Even know I am unable to work, I d get a small monthly income and my husband is working. We also want a better place for our son. he has several “special needs” and we have found a place for him and our 3 BIG dogs.We just need the landlord to call and say we got the place…I will pray for you. Having dogs makes it even harder to find a good place so I will say extra prays for you…Good luck please update if you find a place I will keep an eye out..

  2. Prayers for you

    God bless you and your intentions for a better life for your daughter. I wish you good luck and prayed that it all works out. I know it’s hard, I have been in apartments and wanted more for my children. Prayer has answered my hopes and dreams. Keep the faith. You are not alone.

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