Prayer for a safe exit in a failing marriage.

by Raphaela (Honolulu)

Oh Holy Apostle St. Jude the doer of three pass miracles in my life. I hereby once more invoke you to help me have the courage to end my marriage so I can regain my joy and happiness to live again. I acknowledge failure in bringing my husband closer to you and failing to make him communicate with me more.

While I chose never to question my husband’s feelings for me (we had the baby) I let him treat me the way he wanted for fear of what people will think of my failed marriage. I have therefore failed to make the marriage work and does not want the baby to pay the price because of my constant sadness and lack of regular conversation between us his parents. Because you have in the past performed miracles in my life, I once more sincerely ask you to help me regain the happiness and joy I once had for the sake of bringing up a happy child.

I know my husband has been extensively abusive but I am praying for him as well and asking for your special miracle to him as well. Because nothing is far fetched with you, please help us agree on a mutual divorce so we can regain our individual lives and work towards raising our beautiful child. I have no one else to turn to but to God via you faithful Apostle St Jude the miracle doer. I already know your willingness to assist me during hopeless cases and therefore is pleading to you for more.

I am tired of crying and depressing and looking for a solution to make my heart heal is my quest to you. Because I want to live long, I need you to free me from this hopeless marriage in which I have been so unhappy yet quite certain I have done all I could to safe it from its evident death. Though it is needless to tell you all of this since you already know what I have in my heart, I nevertheless beg on you to show me the light and consequently make me happy and healthy again.

I have invoked your help many times in the past and is never ashamed to do so faithful Apostle St Jude. I trust in your power to resolve my current hopelessness and desperation. I promise to spread your goodness and invite others to honor you more especially as their patron Saint.

Most Holy Apostle St Jude Thaddeus, I make this crying plea to you in the name of the Lord, Amen.

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