Prayer for a Right Partner in Life

Please pray for me to be blessed with a partner in life. To be able to meet the right person whom I can share my life with. This is difficult for me after a few failed relationships. Therefore I pray for divine help to finally and speedily meet unconditional love, compatibility, trust and loyalty.

Pray for me so that the first steps in starting and building a loving relationship be initiated. Give me the opportunity to serve God by serving a wife n family throughout my life.

This is what I really want in life, filled with meaning and love. Please pray that it will be granted speedily for I have been searching for love for a long time. Amen.

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  1. Pray for me for peace

    I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years and no matter what he does I find myself going back and I love him so much. Now I find myself wanting peace and wanting God to send me the person that is right for me and my child. Am tormented and I need peace. St. Jude Please come help me through this difficult time, help me remove this love from my heart and help the right person come into my life. I pray.

  2. I pray the same

    I too pray for the same thing. Praying St Jude and God hears our prayers. But also, give us the strength and patience. Amen

  3. reply

    I have the same prayer request as yours. my challenge is the men who come to me I don’t find compatability Between us. I need more than just words. May God help us. May he grant our heart desires and make our plans succeed. God bless us all.

  4. Right partner in life

    I pray for St. Jude to make the guy that i adore realize that i am no longer a kid. He said i’m too young for him it’s only 13 years age difference. I like ur prayer it’s exactly me after failed relationships. I adore my guy so much i want to marry him. I do believe he is my soulmate. Thank u St. Jude i love u!

  5. Tright man partner in my life

    One day i will meet that special man who will love God more than he loves me. Till then i pray for guidance and patience.

  6. Hope you find love

    I have the same prayer as yours. I pray you find the love of your life and be blessed with happiness!

  7. right partner in life

    Yes Christian, we have same intentions in prayer,
    Hope and pray that our prayer will be granted.
    As others i prayed also.
    Good luck..

  8. Safety and Love

    Please St. Jude, let my daughter find a Christian partner. Make her realize the person she is with will continue to abuse her. Please lead her to her right path! I know you will answer her prayers! You always do! Love You!

  9. right partner in life

    I have the same prayer as yours… i hope and pray that our prayers will soon be granted! God bless us all.

  10. Prayer

    I love your prayer. It is exactly what i have been praying for as well. Those are the exact words that I wanted to say. Thank you for saying it so clearly and making it easy to point out. I will pray for our request and i will pray for the happiness for each one of us… thank you.

  11. Let's all pray for the same

    Your prayer was exactly what I say in my mind and desire as well. I feel that many of us desire what you’ve asked. Let us all pray that our loneliness will be lifted and that the Lord will answer.


  12. Amen!

    You’re prayer is beautiful! I pray too that one day I will meet that special man who will love God more than he loves me. Till then I pray for patience and guidance.

  13. hi there,

    I,m praying to exactly the same thing, i will pray for you please pray for me as well

  14. Right Partner In Life

    Join the rank of so many others.This is similar to a prayer that I published several years ago.The response was tremendous. If it is any consolation, keep praying & be amendable to the will of the Lord God. ( You may read this on my link) I will share another piece with you:
    Your present situation may not be to your liking. Perhaps you are dissatisfied & discouraged. Put the matter in God’s hands If He wants you elsewhere, He will lead you, provided you are amendable to His will.
    But perhaps He wants you where you are. In this case , He will help you adjust to the situation.He will make you content, even grateful for present opportunities. learn the great art of doing the best you can, with what you have, where you are. ( Author unknown)

  15. Prayer for God's given partner

    Lord thank you for making me strong to face the challenges today. Thank you for helping get out of abusive relationship. I cried almost everyday because of his inconsistent treatment and his selfishness. I pray Lord to lead me to the right partner whom he would love me the way I wanted to be loved and that I would love him the way he wanted to be loved.


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