Prayer for a returned love

Lord I pray to u today to ask u to forgive me for all my sins. I kno my anger & hostility had caused me to loose tha love of my life. But I pray with a certain heart that he is my soul mate and that we’ll be together again.

I love him more than any object, u sent him into my life as my life partner because I cannot see myself with anyone else. Please god I pray that he’ll still love me even after all our scuffles & disagreements. I want to work this relationship out so that we can marry. He was my 1st for everything and da only man I’ll ever love passionately. My devotion to him is everlasting. I will obey, & love him for da rest of my life. Please brin him back into my life so that we may live happily ever after. He is my 1st, my last, and only.

My one and only true love. Please allow us to work out our issues and grow as a couple. Jake Ryan Bernard please come back to me my love. In Jesus name I pray, amen