Prayer for a relationship to work out

by Elainev (Malaysia)

Dear Lord,

i like this guy so much. but both u and I know that he is just using me…i thought he liked me but it turned out the other way. Lord, i really do like him more than a friend and I really want this to work out with him. I;m all excited for him and i feel this is real. I wanna be there for him and care for him.

I know he is from a different religion and i hope u will forgive me for wanting someone who does not believe in u.

Forgive me lord, i hope u will help me in this relationship. i will stay faithful to u no matter what. forgive me for changing a lot just to impress him. you know better why i’m doing this.

I pray for your blessings and i hope you will let this work out. I ask this in the name of jesus, amen!