Prayer for a Relationship to Be Stronger than Ever

by Gary (Punjab)

Dear God Heavenly Father.I am very much thankful to you that you bought Victoria such a beautiful and nice girl into my life.i am very much thankful to you Lord.

God Heavenly Father i sometimes feel insecure in todays time .Please Lord bless my relationship and never bring any 3rd person in between our Love.I very much Love her.God i want you always keep your blessing hand on us.Guide us wherever we go always put us in each other heart and mind.

God i will never ask for luxary life and disturbs you but please i beg you please write victoria into my fate i will be very thankful to you.

I am very sory for my sins God.But please God never bring my relation in between my sins.God i promise you i will never cheat her always be loyal and honest to please Lord Heavenly Father Bless victoria in my fate

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

In Jesus name Amen