Prayer for a relationship pleasing to God

Father God You know how much I love the father of my child that I’ve been blessed to conceive, we’ve been in relations with each other for the past seven years.

Though the relationship has not been healthy many times I still have faith and hope that this man can be renewed by your spirit mercy and grace so that we can walk into the fulfillment of Christ together as husband and wife, leading other couples in desperate need to you. I pray that you allow him to see you and all your glory, and for him to allow you to heal the hurt, anger, pain and resentment that he harbors.

I pray that you heal us both father so that we can walk in your light and understanding as one. I pray god that you send positive influences and like minded Christ believers to encourage and motivate us towards your goodness and greater glory that you have in store for us as a family. In Jesus name I pray and thank you father.
Amen !