Prayer for a Relationship on the rocks

Heavenly Father,

I am writing you as a person in distress. I have been with my boyfriend. He has been my childhood sweetheart and soulmate and known each other for over 19 years and in between there was a promise of marriage and building a life together. We have had our ups and downs nut you have been Failtful. For the past few weeks he has seemed more confused and distant, and we are suddenly not communicating like before. He has even told me that he loves me and believes we are soulmates but sees no marriage and that he is sorry for breaking his promise to me. He wants to continue with our relationship but without marriage, something that I know is against your teachings.

I come to you in distress knowing that you are the healer of all things, and that you can heal this relationship. I am putting our relationship in your hands knowing that you will continue to bless us to get out of this mess. I also pray that Satan and his ways do not continue to come in between us. I know that with your Will and Blessings, no man or creature can bring us harm.

Father, I thank you in advance because I know you have heard my cry and I believe you will work through our troubles and Give us Light. We are in safer hands through You. Amen!

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