Prayer for a real love

Dear St.Jude

I have felt alone for a good portion of my life while I still keep faith that I will find my soulmate. I went through a period In life where I felt overwhelmed with darkness. I have finally overcome it and am moving in a positive direction in life. I ask that St.Jude please direct me towards somebody who can share In this journey of my life.

I have longed yearned for a true love and now think I am capable of having one. I think I have met somebody who could make me happy although I am not sure if he thinks the same of me. I ask you St.Jude for your blessing with this man. All I want is a chance for him to see the love I am capable of giving and I hope he is open and willing to do the same.

While I acknowledge that he may not be the one, I am willing to give it a try, I just ask for an opportunity to date him. I humble myself to ask for this guidance from you and The Lord on how to go about with this. I ask that you bring us together or whoever I am meant to be with so we can experience a real love.

I know he has been hurt and may be scared, but so am I. Help us both to open our hearts once again to maybe start something truly great.
I ask for your blessing in His name