Prayer for a quick and fair sale and Purchase of a home for my family

by Alex (New Jersey)

Dear St. Joseph,

I pray to you and all of the angels and saints, especially our Blessed Mother, to help our family sell our home and find and purchase a new forever home for my family. We have been blessed in so many ways and want to finally be in a forever home that will help us spread our wings and continue the work that God has planned for our family. We are not financially wealthy, but have always been blessed with enough to live and enough to give.

I pray that the sale of our home allows us to purchase exactly what God intends for us: just enough for our amazing family. I also pray that all families feel the unity and strength of our Lord and especially your comfort in every moment. May God continue to bless us all with enough to live and enough to give to others, especially love of family. Amen.

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