Prayer for a Proper Home for Me

by Mweb (USA)

Holy God I ask you for a proper home for me. The place that I am living is foreign and unkind to me. My daily work brings great pain to my arms and limbs. And I can not serve you properly. Look upon my work and understand the harm that has been done to me. Look upon my heart and decide if my work, if my word, if my intentions have been just before thee.

I haven’t enough money for food or even to wash my clothes or go to the doctor. But in your light I thrive, so I ask you to have mercy with me. In your name and through Jesus’ teachings I ask you to have light with me, so that I may not continue to struggle alone. Upon this day I ask you to have grace with me.

I ask you for a proper home. Thank you Father for hearing me. Thank you for considering this prayer. No matter what your decision I will never have doubt or lose faith in thee. And I ask you never lose faith in me. Upon this day I thank you. Amen.

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  1. I am humbled by your prayer

    I had lost everything about 9 years ago. My husband and I ate infrequently, sold everything we had, even our wedding bands.

    Through prayer, God had restored and renewed us. His plan took us on a very unexpected course. But, He blessed us many times over since the darkest of our days as husband and wife. We still experienced loss of 3 loved ones in 2013 and health issues for us, but He provided rich comforts to us regardless: a good job, food everyday, and a warm and comfortable home.

    I have every faith that He will bless you with what you need and you will feel his love and know the joy of his appreciation for you calling out to Him in your time of need. You are so loved by Him and I am so humbled by your situation, just as I had forgotten how very blessed I have been. He will bestow his gifts upon you soon.

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