Prayer for a Positive Life Transformation

Dear God,

I’ve been out of work for four months. I pray that you lead me to a full-time benefited position that I can utilize my God given talents and strengths. I want to be with a company that respect me and our team, is cooperative, and to do work that bring value to my life path.

Please keep me mentally and financially stable as I battle fear, doubt, and financial hardship. Please provide a stable financial future for me and help me strengthen my faith. Protect me from loss.

I pray that you intervene with love and good health for my family and myself, as we all heal from sickness, financial problems, separation and division. Please bring me a loyal, emotionally stable, provider, protector, God-loving husband to experience and enjoy the things you intended for me. Help me and my family to live more abundantly.

In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit….Amen!!!

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