Prayer for a positive change in life

by Maricel (Philippines)

Lord, for the past 14years I’ve been living following my husband. I gave up my beautiful job for all his broken promises. He worries too much about life. About the future of our family, our kids and the thought of he might lose his job or he’ll return to poor life like his life before.

Now I worry about my parents for I cannot support them financially because I don’t have a job or a business of my own. But I offer my parents to you Lord. For I know that you will never leave them and will always be them to take care of them. Thank you Lord for making them strong always even though they’ve aged already. Please be with me always Lord for you are my only friend with whom I tell my stories of hurts and pains.

Because of you that i also become strong specially in living this life. While here on earth everyday is always a race to live. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I have been longing for a wonderful change in my life Lord and I hope that it is also your will to give to me a wonderful and blessing life.

I want to be happy now Lord and it is only You who can give me my true happiness. Thank you for my kids who gives me happiness too and I pray to Mama Mary that she may also take care of my kids always.

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