Prayer for a place to live

by Monika ()

I am a single mother of three beautiful daughters ages 17,9, and 4. I lost my job last year in June and have not regain employment. I have moved three times in one year for different reasons. My last residents that we moved out of was being taken by the city for none payment of taxes as of February 15 2011. So I stop paying my landlord rent and told him I needed proof that they were paying it. In April I recieved a letter of eviction and had to go to court. While in court I found out that the landlord had filed bankruptcy on all his properties which meant I know owed him 1500.00 The judge ask me wether or not I wanted to stay but reinsured me that the bankruptcy was not final so I would not know if the property would still be the landlords or not. So I chose to move us out of the home. I also ask the Judge would this be put on my credit report because I have never been evicted before and he told me no because I was not eviction I left on my own free will, unless I stayed pass the moved out date then I would be evicted.

Yesterday I payed $35 for a application for a three bedroom low income house and it was denied because of landlord tendancy problems, how was this possible when the judge said this would not happen. Now I’m short of money to pay on our storage because I thought we would be moving! Now were going to loose all our belongings in storage. I am at a lost with hope , no push, I feel so hopeless and feel like I’m letting my kids down. Ive been on my own since I was 17 and now at 38 years old my children and I are a half a step away from being homeless. No one will rent to me because I can’t pass the credit check. I have always been strong and a survivor but now I’m broken women I have lost everything even myself respect. We need help!!! This is my last hope!! Please pray for us !!!!