Prayer for A Person Who Is in Jail

by Your Child (Florida)

Dear Jesus,

We all have fallen short to your glory. None of us are perfect, but we strive to be more like You. Father Jesus as You already know, my fiance has done something that landed him in jail. In your eyes no sin is greater than the other. I’m standing in the gap for him right now sending up prayers to you Father, that you will forgive him for his wrongdoings and release him from jail.

I know in my heart that he is a changed man. Jesus please perform a miracle and have him released from jail. He has a family that misses him dearly. Let him be a mentor to young children to teach them the importance of serving you, as well as, teaching them about staying in school and out of the streets.

God he can do more good out of jail than in. He can testify about his life experiences and about how to stay on the right path in spite of the hardships that might be thrown in one’s direction. Jesus use him for your glory. Let everything that he do and teach be pleasing in your sight. He does not belong in jail. Sometimes we get caught up in that lifestyle of making fast money, but none of it is worth having if it means we lose our freedom.

God free him so that he can be a testimony to your people of how you have changed him. Most of all, just let what we do pleasing to you and glorify your name. JESUS!!!

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  1. My son is in jail

    Please I don’t know what prayer to say to God because I have always prayed for not only my son ,but all parents who have children of the same age like my son .to stop taking drugs ,and everything 5hat it forbidden but I haven’t received what level have requested!kindly people help me to pray for all the drug addicts.

  2. Perfect Prayer

    This pray is the perfect prayer for my situation. My fiancé is also incarcerated and myself as well as his family desperately need him home. Since I’ve come across this prayer I have prayer it daily and my hopes are I know with Prayer all things are possible.

    Thanks for this prayer

  3. Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for this prayer! This is everything I have been praying but not in these words. I have been fasting for two days with no TV praying to get an answer on my husband’s release. He didn’t show up for court and was sentenced in to 30 years in his absence. He didn’t know they could try him in his absence and he ran (stupid, I know but he was scared) The person in which the police were actually there to apprehend ended up signing statements against him since he didn’t show. None the less when he eventually was caught His 30 year sentence was overturned and he was sentenced to 10 (Thanks be to God!!) However, the state did not like that sentence and took him back to court and he was resentenced to 25 years. The judge heard his appeal on November 20, 2014 and is still currently out on a decision….. We are praying that he rules in our favor b/c this month (October 2015) was when he was supposed to come home. I don’t have any faith in our justice system but I do have all faith in God. Your prayer is exactly what we need! Thanks!

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