Prayer for a person who is hurting

by Kent (Tampa Fl)

I dont know how to pray properly or not at all apparently.

I have prayed for help and never have received any in years gone by to date. When times for me were good I have always helped others often to many times to my own detriment, but always felt family and friends needed it more. In my times of great need like now i have never found any help. To say seed in my case has been an understatement I have and never once looked for any recognition or help in return. I am blessed with a partner who has been by my side more than anyone ever in my life she is a god send and beyond a true friend. So for her I am thankful but we both are desperate now and are struggling.

So like I said I dont know how to pray and I will simply ask god for help to hear me somehow this time please god help me in my time of dire need I am hurting please help me. Thank you

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  1. Hoping you find help!

    I really feel for your situation. It is hard when you think God hasn’t answered. Please don’t give up! God puts us through so many tests and often we don’t know why. I pray god can help you in some way and get you relief you need. But also think of anything you can do on your end to show God how hard you are trying. God loves you, I guarantee others our praying for you and inspired that even though you have done good for so long and never felt heard you are still committed to The Lord. That is inspiring. Please don’t give up and show your strength. I was very ill recently and I’m very young and sometimes I question why? I guess I’ll never know why, but despite all the bad I grow closer to God and try to show others this. I always think it could always be worst. i think of things like children going through cancer very young, stuff oike that, and i then feel i am lucky, Things like that. You are right by being thankful for your partner. Rejoice that you have each other! I really do hope your burdens ease up on you! Keep doing the right thing and I know God will reward you! Keep your faith, it is inspiring!

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