Prayer for a person who has been hurt badly

by Ann ()

My Dear LORD,

This is the time I need you the most in my life. I am trying to get through these hard times. I have put my faith in your hands. I know that you work in your own time and in your own way.

I don’t want to find myself worse off than I am now. I live in fear of tomorrow and what it might bring. I go to bed each night, wishing you would take me from this place, but, I awake each morning to face yet, another day. I know you had a purpose for me or I would not have been born. I have not lived up to your expectations.

I have sinned and now I am paying for all of it. I have been hurt badly and don’t know if I can overcome this tragedy that has befallen me. LORD, please help me to find the answers. If I am not praying right to you.

Please give me a sign. I pray only the way I know how to. I praise you for what you have given me and you have been good to me. Now I need a mircacle in my life. I should have listened to you. I did not. Please forgive me, LORD. Help me!! I beg of you. Jesus you are my savior. Please come to my resque. I need you my life as I have you now. Please do not forsake me, my LORD. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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