Prayer for a person I care

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Dear St. Jude, Please pray for the soul of someone I had felt was there at one time. I hoped too much for this person but I had not realized certain things that should have led me to conclude there was never anything going to become of our “two chance encounters.” I had asked The Lord for someone to be with and I “assumed” too much with this person. However, in having met this person I am being asked to intercede (pray) for her still from a conversation with a priest telling me The Lord wants me to intercede for her. I ask if you would aid me in doing this so that she (and of course myself always) turn away from those areas of life that bring people away in both by circumstances and by our own free will. I cannot pass judgment on her but I can only surmise certain people in her life have caused her to move in a direction that does not please The Lord, as well as I in my own life. Please redirect her from those who desire her in a way that brings her down and away from The Lord and let her not engage anymore those so that they too are brought away from The Lord, including me. I was of no help at times in what I did with her but I ended up not realizing I would have developed feelings for her even though she never really saw me like the way I saw her. Forgive me for doing this. Please let her know I do still care and hope we would have a different relationship but I know one cannot make another care and love another. I must find a way to move away from this but I know it will take time. Please stay with this fallen soul and not let me know temptation anymore. This world has made it difficult for me to stay faithful and be Roman Catholic. I know I choose to fall from The Lord and His Grace but I hope to one day have The Lord see me in a positive light before I pass on. In saying this please aid this person with her choices in her life so that she will find her way to The Lord from what she already has come to experience. Let it be great(er) than what she has learned so that she will for the remainder of her days be filled with happiness and love that is true, which is The Lord’s. Our Earthly love can only last for moments, days, weeks, etc … but The Lord’s is infinite. Please, along with St. Michael, protect her from others and herself, with The Blessed Virgin help her in all her needs, with St. Therese send her a rose from heaven, and ask The Holy Spirit to come into her heart and mind with His Love and Wisdom to choose better and to see Him as The Way. (This also applies to me as well for I am a sinner and tends to lose himself in the world. I am no better than her). Please let her know I still wish her the best and care/love her. I wanted to know her but she found someone before and now has a child with him. Help her in being the best mother she can be. As for him help him in his mental issues and to see how he is casting a “spell” over her that she may not need at this time in her life. He may be controlling her but only The Lord knows the Truth. I can only speculate and maybe I should not even do that. However, if The Lord sanctions their upcoming marriage then I must not think of her anymore and ask of you, my dear St. Jude, to help me in this area. Unless The Lord does not want this please help her to see His Will. Thank you, St. Jude, for letting me continue to come to you for prayers for people and myself. God Bless you always. Amen.

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