prayer for a permanent Job

by Barbara (Kampala Uganda)

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before and confess that you have all the power to grant what our hearts desire for. I ask for forgiveness where I have gone wrong and for all the sins I have committed.

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the help and the mercies you have given me to reach where I am to day and to go through all the situations that have been so hard for me but you have given me the strength to carry on.

father I thank you for the temporary appointments that you have always given because they have been a good experience in my career. Father, I kindly ask you for a permanent job, I feel am loosing the patience, Lord I feel so desperate and in need. It is you alone who can see me through all that am going through for you said that we ask and we shall be given.

I ask for the permanent job and the better environment, good people who respect each other, I ask all through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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