Prayer for a peaceful heart and mind

Lord God I am sorry for being weak and easily tempted. I am sorry for all the things that I have commited that I know was all against your teachings. I have been blinded by a love that I can never be proud of. I’m sorry for not listening to you when your knocking in my heart.I am sorry for having myself drowned into misery that You never wanted for me.

I thank you Lord God for pulling me out into that abusive lover that I had for more than two years.I can see now that he will just continue to hurt me by all his lies and infidelity. He is a liar Lord God that in a way gets also to my system just to hide the details of our relationship. Thank you Lord God for giving me a man but now we are in the midst of triAls and the demons are luring me to engage again into the things that I once turned my back through your help My Lord God.
Lord God please give me the strength to do what is right and may I surpass the daily temptations that is laiden in my path..
In Jesus name we pray.amen.

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