Prayer for a partner who is torn from our family

by Diane (Cebu, Philippines)

St Jude, i pray to you fervently, to please heal my partner spiritually. He has been recently torn from us and is now very confused. Let him see the light of our family that loves him unconditionally. Let him remember the love i poured at his feet. The happiness we shared and the joy we have together with our daughter.May he be guided by you St. Jude. Bring back his mind, body and spirit to us. Give him strength to fight the demons in his life. Make him win the battle and bless his spirit with your goodness St. Jude. Let him overcome the crisis he is currently in. I love him so much and i am asking for your help St. Jude.

And if it is in God’s will that he may never come back to us, grant me St. Jude the strength to accept my fate and grant me as well peace.
Eitherway, may you still bless him with whatever choices he makes. I love my partner so much that all i ever want is for him to be happy, peaceful and contented. All of these i ask in Jesus name. Thank you St. Jude.

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