Prayer for a new start, for direction and for a purpose

by Vic (Sydney, Australia)

My Lord, you saved me.

I need you to help me find a new start, I need a new job but can not leave this one as I am in debt. Please help me find my calling.

I want to help people but don’t know how. . PLEASE HELP ME.

I want to start the new year with a positive attitude and a new sense of hope.

PLEASE HELP ME. My job is killing me and making me a different person. someone you would not be proud of. Please help me find something that will make you proud. I want to do your work. Help me pay off my debts so I can be free to choose your path.

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  1. A Prayer For You

    I pray the prayer so I understand what your request so may God find the perfect job for you. May he release you from your present debts. Be courageous trust God a way will beade out of no where. Amen..

  2. Job

    Merry Christmas! This is a new start
    Tell Jesus each morning before work that you
    Are putting this day on his shoulder
    Keep faith in Jesus ask St Joseph
    To help you with your faith and your job
    I have been where you are
    Do not give in to the devil ask St Michael
    The Arc Angel to help you fight him
    If you have not been to church please go each
    Sunday if married and wife does not go
    Still go do not urge her or complain she is not
    Coming with you just go and watch what
    Happens I pray for this morning the first day
    Of our fresh start

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