Prayer for a new relationship with Husband

by Beth (VA)

Dear Lord,

By the power of Jesus Christ son of GOD, St. Jude, Jesus disciple I am hear for you to ask for help to please give me a good Job I need this for my family and my future help ask O Lord, and guide me every step I will than to my life please do touch the person holding my resume to give me a change and prove my capability to work in their companies, I have so much to do your you where allow me lord. By the power and merciful father. Please do miracle for me. Amen.

Lord please bless me and my husband so that our relationship will get more healthier and happy ever after I know you have the purpose from us that why you allow us to reunite lord. Bless also my kids Robert and Igiboy to guide them for their studies and make them their mind to focus their studies, Lord help us to for our financial problem. amen.

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