Prayer For A New Position within My Company

by Toni (Dallas, Texas)

Dear Lord,

I come to you today for strength and mercy Lord, I ask in your name that I will receive a call offering me a position within the company I’m working at now Lord.

I ask that you remove me from this location and direct me back on my side of town that you will take this long drive away and place me near Lord you and I know this building is not set for me I asked that where ever you may sit me at I will forever remain there till the end of time No More Transferring that I will feel welcome my co-worker will be God loving people that I will continue to grow with the company Lord.

I ask for special Pray for my son’s Lord that continue to be good young men that one will have a relationship with son and that you will all that out and for my youngest that his health will continue to be excellent no health problems at all I pray for everyone in the world in your name.

I Pray Amen Amen and Amen

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