Prayer for a new life.

by Lynn ()

Lord, I am pleading you to help me and my son to start a new life. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. I feel like dying and my heart is aching so much. Please take away the pain and hatred in my heart and fill it with your love so I can able to forgive myself and other people who put me in this miserable situation.

Lord, you said “ask, and you shall receive” but I’ve been asking for so long and my situation is getting worse. I know You will help me, but I really need you right now. Please save me in this depression and remind me to trust You bcoz You are the Lord and You love us unconditionally. I know I am not worthy of your blessings but still, You continue to bless me.

Thank you Lord for everything. Please do some miracle for me. I know You hear and see me in tears and you have something special for me. I need your hug and hand to lift me up.

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