Prayer for A New Job

by Cody (Diamond Bar, CA USA)

Dear Father in Heaven,

I am praying for a job for my girlfriend who doesn’t have a job yet. You are the one that blesses us and endows us with support and talents in specific areas. I am praying that my girlfriend can find highly profitable work that will bless her and keep her spirits happy. This goes to all of us who are struggling right now. My heart is with you all in this time of uncertainty.

I know other people’s pasts have been doused with uncertainty and anxiety over the future, which is true for my experience as well. Father, I regret and denounce and confess that I’ve sinned and wish to repent of these sins. I have also been under very unhappy work conditions myself and am having trouble staying in the job where I am at.

Please Father, I pray that a new opportunity arises for me and for any others who have trouble searching for reliable work using the gifts that you’ve given us. Thank you Father for providing this supporting site to help us all have hope for the future. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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