Prayer for A new job for a new season

by Tina (Mccomb, MS)

Dear Jesus, Thank you for all of the jobs you have allowed me to have. As I exit my current job I am praying for favor to find a job closer to home more suited to my gifts and talents. My hope is in you Lord. I have put in two resumes and praying for a quick response. I really need health benefits as well.

I pray my husband gets the state job as media person at the local college. I have stepped out in faith as I need to work closer to home to be there for my elderly mother. It would be even better if my husband could get a great paying job with great benefits and I could stay home to look after both our mothers and keep be a great housekeeper.

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  1. Mary Smith

    I have read your prayer, I will be praying for you. I too am going through a similar situation. My being honest is what resulted in my situation. I also know that the devil is not honest and I have felt it’s evilness at work and from other co workers that I have continuously pray and call out to God to protect me. When I am at home I am drained with anxiety and not focusing on my family. This is no life to have. Here is some advice I will also be taking it myself.

    Put God first, praise his glory thank him for your blessings.
    Walk in faith. If you need a boost pray God I belong to you..
    Do not let the workplace or boss/co workers steal your joy, it’s GOD’s gift to you.
    Next put family and loved ones as your next priority they are important and they are your blessing. I will pray for you and I ask others to pray for you as well. Be well and I wish you peace. Love Mimi

  2. Trying hard to keep my employment

    Please keep me in prayer fighting to keep my job if 12 years new manager which in not a believer be good used by the devil to come against me I am keeping my faith firm. I am a newly single mother m of four children !! Devil is a liar !!

  3. A new job for a new season

    Please Lord,
    Help your child get a position closer to her ill mother. Also, help her husband find employment that will sustain the new chapter in their lives and be able to afford additional help with their mother.

  4. God will definitely look at everyone of us.!!

    O lord jesus… I have read all your prayers, now i request you to give my husband a good job, please lord jesus make it smooth for him so that he may not face any difficulties now and in future.. o lord jesus, you are my only hope, as you are always there with me in my hard times.. I trust only you o lord jesus, Please be with me and answer my prayers.. Lord. my trust in you will definitely make me and my family win.
    Be with us always lord.. and i also pray for everyone who seeks your help for a new job. Please be with them and bless everyone immensely..


  5. wow !

    I have been praying for the similar issue recently and i accidentally click into your prayer! amazing! I am sure God is listening and we just need to have our eyes on him. I believe putting him the first is always the most important. He will provide us what we need. thanks you Lord 😉

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