Prayer for A New Job Coming. I believe so.

by John (Singapore)

For the 3rd time in less than 3 years, I had been rendered unemployed by the companies I been in because of budget cuts and unforeseen circumstances. The first question I asked God, ‘Why is this happening again?’ There are times I get up and filled with faith, but there are times when I feel defeated. The devil has been implanting his thoughts days and nights till no end, and it is tiring (in the mind) to fight against these thoughts.

It is heartbreaking when every member of the cell group had promotions, new jobs and pay rises while my life seem like a dry, hot desert. I wanted to run away and hide myself because I can’t stand to hear God’s miracles in their lives but not in mine. It is as if God is playing a fool with me. But at the same time, I acknowledged a need for a community to pray alongside with me. I really feel suicidal.

Please pray for me, I had been praying day and night but nothing seems to happen. But I believe a new job is coming. I believe so.

God bless.