Prayer for a new job and for my wife who is pregnant.

by Brad (Cape Town, South Africa)

Lord, Allmighty. I come to you as one of Your children. You know my needs and my goals in life. Lord bless all today in the name of Jesus who call upon Your name. Let each and everyone experience Your Glory and Power. Bless us all in the name of Jesus. Forgive us, for we are sinners and help us to forgive those who trespass against us. Lord, you have brought my so far by giving me an interview at a new job.

I have prayed for it and I know it is Your blessings who follow me. You haven’t help me so far for nothing. I know you have a special plan for me. Bless me Lord so that I can bless others in the name of Jesus. Lord bless my wife who is pregnant. Be with her all the time and let Your Angels be over her for always.

I pray for my daughters and my whole family Lord. There is so many people out there who need You. I pray for world peace, happiness and undying love for each and everyone on this earth.

Thank You Lord for the blessings that You are going to give me.


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