Prayer for a new job and financial blessing

by Casey (Battle Ground,Wa)

Almighty God and heavenly father l am coming to you ever so humbled asking for a miracle and blessing.

I was let go of my job after almost 3 years all the of the sudden. Being the bread winner of the family, my wonderful girlfriend and my three sons and two daughters this is a very stressful time.

We pray that you bless our family with finding myself a new job as a General sales manager or sales manager at a successful reputable car dealership with a great pay plan.

Bless our family in the meantime with the ability to make 2 months bills including rent and bless us with a abundance of financial blessings with my final check to be over $5000.00 so we can make our bills till i get back to work.

Bless SSI to approve my son who has special needs medical benefits and bless our entire family in this time of need. O lord shall it be bless us all in the name of Jesus Christ and answer all our prayers,


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  1. Pray to St. Jude

    Growing up finical was always an issue in our home. No tonly do I pray that you will find a job soon, I pray that you had serenity and happiness.

    Also, if you are in desperate need, pray to ST. JUDE and ST PHILOMENA novena prayer, they really do work miracles.


  2. Faith

    Good morning Casey!
    My prayers are with you and your wonderful
    Family this morning
    The Lord will lead you down the right path
    Sometimes you have to go thru detours
    To get to the right place
    Please go to church each Sunday

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