Prayer for a new home

Dear St Jude,

My husband and I are searching for a new home. We trust God for the outcome, but sometimes my humanity is hopeless at the thought of obtaining a home in our home country given the prices of land and property here. We have considered moving outside of our home country, but still relying on God to help us with this decision.

We are looking for a way to start our new family in the near future, and so we want that our new home will materialize sooner than later.

Also, I pray for a possibility for my sister and I to build over our present home. The finances are available, but we are praying for a more economical way. We have to take large loans for this to happen, but we trust God for the finance to start building this year.

Please, St Jude, both of these seems like remote possibilities, but we know with your intercessions, our prayers will be answered, as we constantly remind God of His promises to us as His children.

We love you St. Jude, pray for us.
We love you Blessed Mother, pray for us.
We love you Jesus, have mercy on us.


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