Prayer for a new happy home and thanks to St Joseph

Dear St Joseph,

Thank you so much for hearing my prayers and answering them in the past two years, I really appreciate your help and guidance, you are so special to me, I look to you for help and guidance all the time. I am so grateful for your friendship and help. I come to you with much hope and ask for your help again, to help my fianc and I in buying this new home, that it happens soon, and goes through without any problems or concerns. We have both been praying for a new house that will become our happy, safe and peaceful new home, where we can live in happiness and love, and make God the light in our daily lives, and others. We will always have a special place for you and your loving wife and holy son in our home. Please help us to create our own safe family haven, forever in your protection and guidance, and basked in the light of God. Please pray that our Heavenly Father will bless our marriage with healthy, happy children, with whom we can live happily and peacefully with, and teach them about the Holy Family.

Thank you so much St Joseph, for all the wonderful ways you have helped me, I hold you in a special place in my heart, always. I pray that many people will read my prayer and have faith and hope that you will also answer their prayers, as I speak as someone who knows you do St Joseph! Thank you,
Love from me 🙂

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