Prayer for a New Business

by Annie (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Please pray that God and our Lord Jesus Christ might help me to discern what good small business I could start at the earliest. It has been postponing for many years due to various reasons. Moreover, since God blessed me with many talents not sure enough which talent to use n put to business skills. And I have to do this since, I need to take care of the family (old mother, eldest sister and pets, of course myself too). God has always been merciful and kind to me and I am working now for my friend’s company online, but because of the present rise in price for all things/utilites and for other major expenses, money is not sufficient to make both ends meet. Yet, I should always be thankful for everything God blessed n blessing me with. I am been praying for this, but even if it is not materializing, I would take it as God’s plan, since I am also doing little of His works that He keeps using me now n then to save souls and for His Glory. Hence, although I like to start my own business (to be an ease a bit), but not desparate and surely believe tht Lord is always there to help one in needy and I have learnt from younger days how to be content with whatever one has in life. I leave everything in His Hands. God’s Will be Done. Amen!

Thanks n God bless