Prayer for a Neighbor that is in need.

by Maria (Brooklyn,NY)

I Pray that St Jude help intercede for this neighbor of mine. She lives across the street with her daughter and with her sick elderly mother. This family is not mentally well I believe many of my neighbors feel the same.

No one here on my block speaks to them. For over 20 years for my own peace I too keep away but lately I see her sadness and despair and I feel it somehow and pray for her.
They fight with everyone and I think the shame of her brother being a drug addict and in jail for something real bad has really affected her more as well as the financial burden she carries alone.

I know she struggles and as a woman and human being I feel very sad for her. She has been very ugly and evil with me but my heart tells me that even if I have eliminated her from my life I should pray for her to have peace and financial help and happiness.

St Jude thru God has been merciful with me and has granted me many miracles I pray he helps Nina and her family too.

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  1. Faith


    I pray with you and for you

    You are a good person

    Please keep

    Going to church each Sunday

    The Lord needs you

    Maybe drop off the Sunday

    News letter in her mail box

    Or better yet put it in the mail

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