Prayer for a Need of A Miracle Blessing to Save my life & kids…..

(Dallas Texas)

I am being threaten, my car has been taken for ransome until I pay off a debit that belongs to someone else. They are holding me responsible since it happen in my house. I am a single mother of four and I do not have finances to pay off the bad business deal. I have tried to explain the the people that I am not by any means responsible but they tell me “They are Sorry and If I dont pay up they are going to come after me & kids. I gave them the little that I did get from taxes but thats not enough. They are constantly threating me & kids. Only the Lord can “step in and Save me plus kids” This is a nightmare. I have explained to them that even the house that I am living in is in foreclosure status so that should prove to them that I do not have money. They do not care. Please pray for us. There is nowhere for us to hide and nowhere to run.

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