Prayer for a Missing Friend and For Him to Come Back

by Pamela (Portage,Mi)

Please pray for me , please help me get my high school guy friend back into my life in June of this year , my marriage is struggling where i’m unhappy .My friend made me feel better about myself with his comments and his way of talking to me , he could make me smile and giggle but now it’s gone.

I have very low confidence in myself where he made me feel better till I started to have feelings for him , I thought about him all the time and cared about him so much , I told him this with fb chatting now he has left me , unfriended me so now we can’t chat anymore ,I’ve have not wanted to eat because i’m so upset and have cried for two days wishing he would change his mind and be a true good friend .

When I pray i’m always crying because I do feel he would make me much happier then my husband . Thank you I hope and pray I can get him back into my life as at least a friend ..